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Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram Official Partners
Augmented Reality Game Development


Augmented Reality Arcade

Experience a new way of playing augmented reality mini games in our newest game: ARKD.

An iOS app with a compilation of frenetic, fun and engaging AR mini games, all in one place.

Play the mini games, earn coins and spend them in our in-game shop to get different skins and assets for your avatar!

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About Us

Wabisabi is a videogame development studio focused on creating both traditional and Augmented Reality games.

What we offer


Game Design

Design game mechanics optimized for Augmented Reality with great engagement using all the available features from the top AR frameworks like ARKit, ARCore, Spark & Lens Studio.



Create custom code solutions that best suite your needs. From developing gameplay to promotion strategies, we take care of all the engineering needed to have a successful AR game for you.



Regardless of the platform, we take care of all the necessary issues to take the AR game from design to reality, bringing the experience to the end user.


Games itself hardly get the attention they deserve, so we also have the knowledge to create the marketing strategy needed to bring the games to the top of mind of the user.



We work with the top media outlets to create the buzz needed to achieve great results with our games.



Have any doubts about creating a game for you or your brand?

We can gladly help you answering those questions.

Our Partners
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Fanta Terror House

Client: Fanta

Type: AR Mini game for Facebook

Description: Fanta terror house is an AR experience where you discover what happened in a haunted house.

As you search the house, you find Fanta cans which unlock bits of the story of what happened in there.

While you search, watch out for the unknown.

Technology: Spark AR, Javascript

Ciel Emoji Game

Client: Ciel / Coca-Cola

Type: AR Mini game for Facebook

Description: Ciel is a bottled water brand that helps you keep your body hydrated and ready for your everyday life. When people around you is not well hydrated, they feel like bad emojis are coming at you.

We created a mini game where you have to find bad emojis and destroy them in a time limit where users could win a discount to get Ciel Water at the convenience store. 

Technology: Spark AR

Popcorn Game

Client: Cinepolis

Type: AR Mini game for Facebook

Description: Waiting inline for the candy shop in the Cinema can be a pain. That is why we developed this mini game where people can play while waiting and get prizes that can be redimeed in the shop.

Technology: Spark AR

Fuze Tea-Rex Runner

Client: Fuze Tea

Type: AR Mini game for Instagram

Description: Fuze tea is all about combining the virtual world with the real one, so for this idea, they wanted to show what happens when your world crashes and you need to step back and chill a little bit like when your browser does not have an internet connection.

Technology: Spark AR

Del Valle Basket game

Client: Del Valle

Type: AR Mini game for Facebook

Description: Del Valle juice switched to using natural ingredients and they wanted to show it in a fun way. We developed a mini game where the user has to throw the oranges needed to make juice into a basket.

Technology: Spark AR

RPG Game

Client: JRPG Co.

Type: AR Mini game for Snapchat

Description: Development of a AR mini game for the launch campaign of a Japanese RPG game where users can experience a simplified version of the combat system.

Technology: Lens Studio for Snapchat

Magic Stomach Game

Client: Ades

Type: AR Mini game for Facebook

Description: Ades is a soy milk product that is very gentle and nutritious to your stomach, making it a very wise stomach. So wise that you can ask it anything you want (like a magic 8 ball).

Technology: Spark AR


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