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Turn heads. Drop jaws. Be bright. In this single-player 3D platformer, you’re the only one who can take down Mr. Buff and his lackies to restore color and life to the citizens of Cap City. Accompany Valah and the RKGK crew on their journey to take down the oppressive B Corp.

Wabisabi Games is a team of developers primarily located in Latin America.

Growing up, we were inspired by retro platformers, anime, and graffiti, and wanted to share all that love with the world in our very first game, Rakugaki – a 3D platformer where players take control of Valah and use the power of self expression and art to take down the man.

This project is the first video game we’ve made together as a team, and we are proud to be both published by Gearbox Publishing and included as part of Riot Games’s Underrepresented Founders Program.

We look forward to you playing Rakugaki this summer 2024!

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